Traveling by helicopter is typically one of the most efficient and fastest types of business travel for distances of up to 500 km. For longer trips, we’d be happy to drop you off at the nearest major airport. From there, you can transfer to an airplane, often shortening your overall travel time considerably.

Regardless of traffic jams, waiting times at the airport and any unnecessary detours, we’ll pick you up where you are and fly you straight to your destination. In doing so, we rely on a large number of small airports, heliports and external landing sites.

Depending on the job, we can provide you with various types of helicopters from our fleet. They are flown by very experienced pilots and because of our three locations in Germany approach routes are usually short.

Why not try out the efficient, convenient and fast form of business travel by helicopter and get in touch with us – we’d be glad review your request and make you a non-binding offer.