We offer a first-class and exclusive charter service by helicopter: Regardless of traffic jams, waiting times at the airport and any unnecessary detours, we’ll pick you up right where you are and fly you to your destination. In doing so, we rely on a large number of small airports, heliports and external landing sites. A helicopter is typically the fastest means of transportation for distances of up to 500 km. We also combine helicopters and jets for greater distances.

Depending on the job, we can provide you with various types of helicopters from our fleet. They are flown by very experienced pilots and because of our three locations in Germany landings fees are usually very moderately priced.

No matter if you want to head to the beach with your family or take a trip to the mountains with your friends at the spur of the moment, we’re ready for you any time. Try out the exclusive way to travel: in a helicopter with reduced travel time.