External load and assembly flights

The range of work our helicopters perform also includes external load and assembly flights as well as cargo flights. Our helicopters can carry loads of up to approx. 1,100 kg. Many bulky parts may weigh less, but still have to fly high.

A helicopter has a clear advantage, especially for difficult-to-reach construction sites. This how we deliver things such as nets, ropes and tools to secure rock slopes, mount supports, steel parts and fans for air-conditioning systems and concrete for foundations.

Our experiences pilots can also routinely and safely master difficult jobs.


Forest fire fighting

Since in the beginning stages a fire is significantly easier to detect from the air than from observation towers closer to the ground, a helicopter provides a crucial advantage when time is of the essence. Many fires can be put out with a few water drops before they turn into a forest fire that is difficult to contain.

Our helicopters are equipped with collapsible buckets (Bambi Buckets with a capacity of 600 and 1,000 l), so extinguishing operations can start immediately after a fire is detected.

Professional cooperation with the responsible authorities is indispensible in missions such as these. They are immediately notified by radio and informed about the location, extent and intended approach by our trained pilots.